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Fatilities involving 4-methylamphetamine, Belgium,  March 2012


A recent death in Antwerp was reported to the Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs (BEWSD) by prof. dr. H. Neels (ZNA Stuivenberg), linked to the consumption of 4-methylamphetamine. A yellow/white powder was found in the pockets of the patient, containing amphetamine and 4-methylamphetamine. During the previous 24 hours, the patient had also used ketamine and cocaine. The patient died following extreme hyperthermia and cardiac arrest, and could not be resuscitated.


A second death was reported by Chemiphar NV in the region of Aalst (ASZ Aalst).

Post-mortem bodily fluids contained amphetamine and 4-methylamphetamine. Also, a powder was found containing amphetamine, caffeine, 4-methylamphetamine and diphenylisopropylamine.



Fatilities - Intoxications involving 4-methylamphetamine, Belgium,  October 2011

Six recent cases involving 4-methylamphetamine have been reported to the Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs.

In total it concerns 3 fatalities and 3 intoxications.

1. 1 fatality + 1 intoxication; august 2011, Lommel (two friends)
- Fatality: blood: 1200ng/mL 4-methylamphetamine; 715 ng/mL amphetamine and traces of cannabis
- Intoxication: serum: 120 ng/ml 4-methylamphetamine, no amphetamine, sildenafil

2. Intoxication; September 2011, Antwerpen
Urine screening positive for amphetamine, confirmation by GC/NPD and –MS also revealed presence of 4-methylamphetamine

3. Fatality, September 2011, parket Dendermonde
- Blood: 1450 ng/mL 4-methylamphetamine; 750 ng/mL amphetamine; olanzapine
- Powder sample: identification of 4-methylamphetamine, amphetamine and caffeine

4. Fatality, August 2011, parket Oudenaarde, Zottegem
- Blood: 1980 ng/mL 4-methylamphetamine; 1070 ng/mL amphetamine, 2.4 ng/ml THC; 230ng/ml MDMA.
- Powder sample:  14% amphetamine-SO4; 56% 4-methylamphetamine; 13% caffeine

5. Intoxication, August 2011, parket Oudenaarde, Herzele
- Suicide attempt by overdose
- Patient thought to have bought ‘Special K’ (Ketamine)
- Powder sample: 16% amphetamine-SO4;  64% 4-methylamphetamine; 15% caffeine.