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At their recently concluded meeting in Vienna, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, an organization under the United Nationshas decided to place ten Novel Psychoactive Substances under international control.

More information can be found here. The substances are:  

·         U-47700 - Schedule I
       ·         Butyrfentanyl- Schedule I
       ·         4-Methylethcathinone (4-MEC) - Schedule II
       ·         Ethylone - Schedule II
       ·         Pentedrone (α-Methylaminovalerophenone) - Schedule II
       ·         Ethylphenidate (EPH) - Schedule II
       ·         Methiopropamine (MPA) - Schedule II
       ·         MDMB-CHMICA - Schedule II
       ·         5F-APINACA (5F-AKB-48) - Schedule II
       ·         XLR-11 - Schedule II