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  Document Libraries

Alerts by BEWSD Alerts by BEWSD    52 6 months ago
BEWSD Fact Sheets BEWSD Fact Sheets  Fact sheet library BEWSD  2312 14 months ago
BEWSD test BEWSD test    0 2 days ago
BZEWSD Alerts draft BZEWSD Alerts draft    0 2 days ago
Data Connection Library Data Connection Library    0 11 months ago
dataconn NPS dataconn NPS    0 2 days ago
doc doc    0 2 years ago
Drop Off Library Drop Off Library  After their properties are filled out, files uploaded to this library are automatically moved to the correct library or folder according to rules created by the owner of this site.  15 4 months ago
EMCDDA publications EMCDDA publications    13 2 years ago
Form Templates Form Templates  This library contains administrator-approved form templates that were activated to this site collection.  0 18 months ago
hiha hiha    0 18 months ago
Hospital Documents Hospital Documents  Contains the documents for the hospitals  0 18 months ago
Images Images  This system library was created by the Publishing feature to store images that are used on pages in this site.  19 9 months ago
Latest news Latest news    30 13 months ago
Legal Highs in Belgium 2012 Legal Highs in Belgium 2012    5 7 years ago
Legislation Legislation    26 3 years ago
mail mail    0 2 years ago
Main Main    52 5 years ago
Main - berichten - bestanden Main - berichten - bestanden    26 4 years ago
NPS Access Library NPS Access Library    0 4 months ago
NPS detected in Europe NPS detected in Europe    0 17 months ago
One One    0 4 months ago
Ones Ones    0 4 months ago
Pages Pages  This system library was created by the Publishing feature to store pages that are created in this site.  18 18 months ago
Pix-MDMA Pix-MDMA    217 5 months ago
Publications on new psychoactive substances Publications on new psychoactive substances  This library contains publications on the new psychoactive substances that are inserted through links in the main wiki page of the substance  523 6 years ago
Rapid communications Rapid communications    12 6 years ago
Rapid communications - extra information Rapid communications - extra information  This folder contains extra files related to the rapid communications section  20 6 years ago
Reports Reports    56 4 years ago
Risk Assessment Risk Assessment    2 6 years ago
Shared documents Shared documents    25 6 years ago
Site Assets Site Assets  Use this library to store files which are included on pages within this site, such as images on Wiki pages.  34 16 months ago
Site Collection Documents Site Collection Documents  This system library was created by the Publishing Resources feature to store documents that are used throughout the site collection.  0 18 months ago
Site Collection Images Site Collection Images  This system library was created by the Publishing Resources feature to store images that are used throughout the site collection.  0 18 months ago
Site Pages Site Pages  Use this library to create and store pages on this site.  3 6 months ago
Style Library Style Library  Use the style library to store style sheets, such as CSS or XSL files. The style sheets in this gallery can be used by this site or any of its subsites.  71 6 years ago
ttttt ttttt    0 11 months ago
Wetgeving NPS Wetgeving NPS  Shared documents ter voorbereiding van de nieuwe generieke wetgeving  1 6 years ago
What are "psychoactive substances"? What are "psychoactive substances"?    1 6 years ago

  Picture Libraries

Alerts - pictures Alerts - pictures    82 13 months ago
EWS Pictures EWS Pictures    8 2 years ago
general general    48 2 years ago
MDMA datbase BEWSD PB MDMA datbase BEWSD PB    0 11 months ago
MDMA Dbase PB MDMA Dbase PB    369 9 months ago
Nieuws en EWS afbeeldingen Nieuws en EWS afbeeldingen  Nieuws en EWS afbeeldingen  1 2 years ago
What are psychoactive substances What are psychoactive substances    18 6 years ago


Alerts - BEWSD Alerts - BEWSD    3 9 months ago
Alerts - BEWSD2 Alerts - BEWSD2    3 18 months ago
Alerts EWS Alerts EWS    51 18 months ago
All NPS detected in Europe All NPS detected in Europe  All NPS substances that have been identified in Europe, per detection year  5 17 months ago
BEWSD2019 BEWSD2019  List MDMA tablets season 2019  117 5 months ago
calpb calpb    0 8 months ago
Content and Structure Reports Content and Structure Reports  Use the reports list to customize the queries that appear in the Content and Structure Tool views  7 17 months ago
KBase Articles KBase Articles KBase list for SharePoint  8 18 months ago
KBase Categories KBase Categories KBase list for SharePoint  4 18 months ago
KBase Types KBase Types    4 18 months ago
KB-PB KB-PB    0 18 months ago
Links Links    9 6 years ago
Mailcal Mailcal    3 4 months ago
Mailcontact Mailcontact    4 5 months ago
Main - berichtenlijst Main - berichtenlijst    4 6 years ago
MDMA 2018 MDMA 2018  MDMA databank BEWSD  22 18 months ago
MDMA dbase MDMA dbase    40 11 months ago
MDMA dbase 2 MDMA dbase 2    85 11 months ago
MDMA dbase 2_1 MDMA dbase 2_1    0 11 months ago
MDMA dbase 2_2 MDMA dbase 2_2    85 11 months ago
MDMA dbase PB_1 MDMA dbase PB_1    85 11 months ago
MDMA dbase_1 MDMA dbase_1    76 11 months ago
MDMA dbase_2 MDMA dbase_2    85 11 months ago
MDMA dbase_2_1 MDMA dbase_2_1    73 11 months ago
MDMA dbase_3 MDMA dbase_3    73 11 months ago
MDMA EWS MDMA EWS    85 11 months ago
Microorganisms Microorganisms  This list contains the microorganisms  0 4 months ago
Multilingual Translations Multilingual Translations  Multilingual Translation Table.  0 18 months ago
News News    2 6 years ago
NPS19 NPS19    33 9 months ago
NPS2019- NPS2019-    33 9 months ago
Our partners Our partners    4 8 years ago
PB MD DB PB MD DB    73 11 months ago
PB-MD PB-MD    98 5 months ago
Resources Resources  Use the Resources list to document shared assets, such as cameras and vehicles. Users can reserve and track listed resources in Group Calendar.  0 2 years ago
Reusable Content Reusable Content  Items in this list contain HTML or text content which can be inserted into web pages. If an item has automatic update selected, the content will be inserted into web pages as a read-only reference, and the content will update if the item is changed. If the item does not have automatic update selected, the content will be inserted as a copy in the web page, and the content will not update if the item is changed.  3 17 months ago
Table BEWSD 2019 Table BEWSD 2019    85 10 months ago
Tasks Tasks  Task list for workflow.  0 2 years ago
tasks33 tasks33    0 2 years ago
tesss tesss    0 11 months ago
test test    85 10 months ago
Units Units  This list contains the hospital units  0 18 months ago
Whereabouts Whereabouts  Use this list to quickly and easily track the location of individuals throughout the day.  0 2 years ago
Workflow Tasks Workflow Tasks  This system library was created by the Publishing feature to store workflow tasks that are created in this site.  0 6 years ago

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Recycle Bin Recycle Bin  Use this page to restore items that you have deleted from this site, or to empty deleted items. 0